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This link was given to us by 6 year old Brandon. His dad emailed us to let us know that his son wants to be a firefighter and loves fire trucks and everything about firefighting. Brandon asked us to put this link out on our site, so that everyone can see all the interesting information about fire trucks too. Thank you Brandon!!! We would love to have you in the brotherhood with us, The guys and gals at Dover City Fire/Rescue. PartsGeek/All About Fire Trucks - https://www.partsgeek.com/mmparts/all_about_fire_trucks.html

City of Dover - www.doverar.com

FEMA - www.fema.gov

Homeland Security -www.dhs.gov

US Fire Administration- www.usfa.dhs.gov

American Red Cross - www.redcross.org

National Fire Protection Association -www.nfpa.org

Fire Corps - www.firecorps.org

First Responder Safety- www.respondersafety.com

Camden AFA-www.sautech.edu

Arkansas Firewise - www.arkansasfirewise.com

State of Arkansas-www.arkansas.gov

AR Fire Protection-www.arfireprotection.org

AR Dept. of Emergency Managment.-www.adem.arkansas.gov

FF Close Calls-www.firefighterclosecalls.com

FF Near Miss-www.firefighternearmiss.com


Fire Safety-www.firesafety.gov

Association of Firefighters-www.iaff.org

Association of Fire Chiefs-www.iafc.org

Insurance Services Office (ISO)-www.iso.com

CPR Certification Institute - https://www.cprcertification.com

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