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Informational Links

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City of Dover - www.doverar.com

FEMA - www.fema.gov

Homeland Security -www.dhs.gov

US Fire Administration- www.usfa.dhs.gov

American Red Cross - www.redcross.org

National Fire Protection Association -www.nfpa.org

Fire Corps - www.firecorps.org

First Responder Safety- www.respondersafety.com

Camden AFA-www.sautech.edu

Arkansas Firewise - www.arkansasfirewise.com

State of Arkansas-www.arkansas.gov

AR Fire Protection-www.arfireprotection.org

AR Dept. of Emergency Managment.-www.adem.arkansas.gov

FF Close Calls-www.firefighterclosecalls.com

FF Near Miss-www.firefighternearmiss.com


Fire Safety-www.firesafety.gov

Association of Firefighters-www.iaff.org

Association of Fire Chiefs-www.iafc.org

Insurance Services Office (ISO)-www.iso.com

CPR Certified - https://www.cprcertified.com

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