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The Dover City Fire Department performs several duties for the City of Dover and surrounding areas. We provide mutual aid to every fire department in Pope County. We have been called to emergency incidents outside of our county in the past. The fire on Petit Jean Mountain, the fires in Downtown Dardanelle that consumed several buildings are just a couple of examples. The department also has automatic aid with Dover Rural FD, Hatley FD, Linker Mountain FD and Russellville FD. This means, if there is a structure or building fire within those districts, our department will also respond and those departments will respond to the same types of fires in the city limits. We provide rescue services within our city limits and in some case outside our city limits. Other hazards that we cover are: collapse rescue, hazardous materials incidents and some emergency medical incidents.

Fire inspections within the city limits are also conducted by the department. Our inspectors are well trained proffessionals that spend countless hours inspecting our schools to help ensure the safety of the our future. General building inspections on homes and businesses for insurance purposes are other inspection services that we provide.

Public education and information is our most prided service. The members of the department spend time within the schools and pre-schools in our city educating the children and staff members on fire safety. There is also a public information officer that provides public education through the use of the local media outlets.

Fire Department crews have teamed up with local agencies to help provide the elderly and low income citizens with assistance throughout the years. The most recent team consisted of The Meals on Wheels program and the Dover City Fire Department. The agencies teamed up to provide batteries and the labor of replacing them for several of the elderly citizens. Smoke detector drives have also been implemented by the Area Agency on Aging and DCFD. Smoke alarms were provided and installed by the teams in homes that requested them.

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