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Description Apparatus

Rescue Engine 1203

  • 1996 Freightliner/ KME Rescue Style Pumper 4 door 5 man cab 4 SCBA jump seats 1000 GWT (Gallon Water Tank) 1500 GPM Pump (Gallons Per Minute) Onboard CAF system (Compressed Air Foam) 800 ft. of 3 inch Supply 1350 ft. of 5 inch LDH (Large Diameter Hose) 8 Roll up Compartments 2 Rear Slide in Compartments

  • Rescue Engine 1203 is the first run engine on all calls and has full rescue capabilities
Engine 1203

Engine 1204

  • 2004 E-One Typhoon Rescue Pumper 4 door 5 man cab 4 SCBA Seats 750 GWT (Gallon Water Tank) 1250 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) Rear Mount Red Line Reel

  • Engine 1204 is our second run engine on all fires inside the city limits except when called to the school buildings. It has basic rescue capabilities.
Engine 1204

Service / Support 1205

  • 1969 Chevy Box Truck 4 wheel drive 2 door cab 6 man seating in the box Supply truck 4 Extenda lights Generator Power Converter Winch

  • Truck 1205 is our department´┐Żs service truck. This truck carries extra SCBAs, hand tools, ladders, rescue equipment and more. This truck will run on all rescues and fires within the city limits and when requested by other departments.
Service 1205

Brush 1207

  • 1980 Dodge Mini-Pumper Brush Truck 4 Wheel Drive 2 door 3 man cab 300 GWT (Gallon Water Tank) 250 GPM Pump (Gallons Per Minute) 300 ft. 1.5 inch attack line Top Mount Red line Reel Top Mount Remote Controlled Monitor Extenda Lights Rear Mount Winch

  • Brush 1207 is primarily used as a brush truck and as a back-up pumper if needed.
Brush 1207

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